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"pound gorilla" is an American English expression for a person or organization so powerful that it can act without regard to the rights of others or the law. How do you fit five elephants into a car? Where does a pound gorilla sleep ? Would you like us to send you a FREE inspiring quote delivered to your. The Pound Gorilla. By Alfie Kohn. The best reason to give a child a good schoolis so that child will have a happy childhood, and not so that it will help.

Planning a Reading Sleepover Party from the Teachers. But the tacit message -- the hidden curriculum, if you will -- is that test scores .. For that matter, it isn't much of a mystery why a pound gorilla is invited to sleep anywhere it wishes. In the past, gorilla scientific classification had one species (gorilla) that was divided into three subspecies. Adult males may weigh over kg ( lbs.). Adult females weigh from to pounds ( kilograms) and stand up to Gorillas do not have very efficient digestive systems for a high fiber diet.

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