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If we understand the attributes of effectiveness, we can observe which attributes exist at successful schools. According to some researchers, student performance should be the primary indicator of a successful school. It makes sense, really, since the sole purpose of . Dr. Larry Lezotte was one of the pioneers of the Effective Schools movement, These factors were characteristics of effective schools across.

This paper reports on findings related to the perceptions held by members of school communities with respect to the factors which most help schools to be. Report of South Africa's National School Effectiveness Study activities undertaken by effective school leaders and teachers in order to optimise learning . about why students learn so little in some schools. Many researchers and reformers currently claim that school effectiveness hinges on communal organization.

There are multiple models for school operations, but one primary question that remains is - how can we judge if a school model is effective?. School must demonstrate some key criteria of what makes school effective such as the school climate, how students are learning, parent's involvement, teachers' . By reviewing research on school improvement from across the world, EES for link below to read Liam Donnison's article about what makes a school effective. Discusses a study to establish and compare the perceived importance of 17 of the most regularly identified effective-schools characteristics for school community.