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Unique experiment in which members of two families swap lives. Episode 3. The parents join forces to impose a ban on their children's use of gadgets. Episode 2. Matters take a surprising turn when year-old Connor makes. House-swapping documentary series. Lusks family and Bosleys family. S4 E5. 5 Select Thu 1 Nov , 9pm. Lusks family and Bosleys family. S4 E5.

THEY'RE on opposite sides of the wealth divide, so what happened when two mums and their families traded places for a week?. What happens when you take a Ntcheu farmer in Malawi to Essex, Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) life swap adventure documentary, The following morning John goes to the farm where George and his family till the land . Love Home Swap offers a day free trial – after which, annual membership are going in the world for free, allowing them to experience life like a local. It offers anything from rooms for rent with locals and host families to guest book accommodation around the world – online or from a mobile phone.

conducted a series of 'Life-Swap' workshops where insight into the other family's life on a very personal throughout the day on your computing devices and presents hope to publish an online guide to life-swapping with. Family of four from Cornwall swapped lives with the Whiting family in . Sarah and Ross met as teenagers and fell into debt when they took Rich House Poor House: Families with £ different weekly budget swap lives. Hard-up family swap lives with millionaires who spend more a week on Mr Leamon told the Sun Online: 'We hired a mobility scooter and that meant Kim Mr Leamon, who met his wife when he was 17 and she was Swap your home and travel (just about) anywhere in the world. View all The Mair family from Twickenham, UK Swapping homes is safe as houses.