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Color, Wavelength (nm). Red, - Orange, - Yellow, - Green, - Blue, - Indigo, - Violet, - Source. The maximum sensitivity is usually between and nm. The perceived color dependens on the wavelength and the table below will give a rough idea. Each wavelength in nanometers is displayed in its approximate color. By Oguz

Color (American English), or colour (Commonwealth English), is the characteristic of human .. For example, mixing green light ( nm) and blue light ( nm) produces cyan light that is slightly desaturated, because response of the red color. On measuring the color of light, we are merely measuring the most intense with the most intense being at around nm (the color we call yellow-green). Helium-neon lasers emit at nm, which is a bright red. The lasers in your Blu- ray player emit at nm, which as the name suggests, is blue. We can begin.

Objects don't have a color, they give off light that appears to be a color. .. wavelengths, while blue cones are insensitive to wavelengths longer than nm. 3 days ago Wavelength and Color Spectrum Chart Color, Wavelength (nm). Red, - The resulting light is split across the visible color spectrum. So when photons of exactly nanometers hit my eyeball, I see the color ( nm) look the same to my brain as green photons ( nm)? I mean, I've been . The color of a substance depends on the wavelengths of light it absorbs. the intervals nm, nm, nm and nm look in our eyes.