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Next time you see a pattern that calls for joining with a slip stitch and then chaining to start off a row or round of double crochet stitches, give the. A standing stitch is used when joining yarn in a new place, or a new colour. There are many different ways to make a starting stitch, it's just about practice and . The standing single crochet is used at the beginning of a new round when joining new yarn. It can be used instead of the traditional (sl st, ch

Example: Start in the same stitch as the sl st join (see Note below) with a standing double crochet. Make a dc in the same stitch (Photo 4). These starts are called standing stitches because you start it from a one colour you'll need to cut the yarn and re-attach it again for every row!. Svenska här To get your work neat standing stitches are a great help. They eliminate the need for starting chains when changing colour and.

Sometimes using turning chains when beginning a new row can leave spaces *Note: this is not the same as a standing double crochet stitch — that works best.