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The Wine of Zamorak is a type of wine brewed with Grapes of Zamorak, which can be grown using the Farming skill, and can also be found in the Captured. Wine of Zamorak is used to create super ranging potions and super Zamorak brew. It can be taken from the table in the Captured Temple by hand only if the six . On free-to-play worlds, the spot to telegrab Wine of Zamorak may be crowded. You can either switch worlds until you find an empty spot, or compete with the.

Wine of zamorak is a Herblore secondary ingredient for the creation of It is possible that the wine is used in the making of Bloody bracers, as they have a. Wine of Zamorak can be taken from the table downstairs, which will cause the Climbing the ladder requires you to have a total level of while wearing a set. How to Make Money in RuneScape with Wines of Zamorak. Have you ever seen one of those level people in RuneScape walking around showing off their.

Wine of Zamorak. A jug full of Wine of Zamorak. Wine of Zamorak. Current Guide Price 5, Today's Change - 9 + 0%; 1 Month Change - 1, - 23%; 3 Month.