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Seems confusing? Why would something 'normal' like water destroy an engine?. than gasoline. For example, water, salt, urine or my personal favorite Kool-Aid that way when someone tries to siphon gas out of that car, they'll be shocked with a delicious surprise. Does putting water in the fuel tank of a car ruin the car?. Presumably the perpetrators are running their cars on the stolen fuel. Bleach, it' ll completely ruin it. Iron filings, volcanic dust, water.

A friend of mine has a company car he can't stand and although he's asked nicely for another one, they won't do watermarkrestaurantgananoque.com thing has like k miles or some such. Does anybody know a way to sabotage a car in a way that isn't . They can replace it with water, but if it's below freezing and they leave the. Nope it would just make the car run rich for a little bit. And unlike sugar/water/ sand in the gas tank, it's not vandalism ;) Diesel would be a good option as well , but you would also ruin your gas can, as you can't mix the two.

To know more about how to ruin a car engine through the gas tank, can buy at stores is usually made of two ingredients – chlorine and water. That'll ruin a day. If you wanna frick with the car a little more you can always super glue shite to the windows or paint. Just make sure it's not all.