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Are you looking for ways to improve your mile time? Here are tips for workouts, strategies, and drills to run a faster mile. Cram your way to a PR this month with workouts from Coach David Roche. This month, go out and run a mile as fast as you can and you'll be. Think back to your elementary school days and the first race you probably ever ran: the gym-class mile. Fast-forward a few years, through the countless 5Ks.

Or at least your fastest mile time yet. says: “With all endurance events, the mile and up, 80 percent of training is all easy running other than the time trial.”. The biggest mistake people make in their mile training is doing the same thing each time. You've got to vary your running: pace, and type of. Start a new challenge by trying to break your own personal one mile record. These beginner, intermediate and advanced plans will get you.

This is not a tough goal to achieve if you are presently running a mile and it gets much tougher going from mile pace to mile pace or faster. . A U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command senior leader participates in the.