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Cannot remove a previously existing team (BASP Virtual Adapter) from the Broadcom Advanced Control Suite (BACS) The previous team was. You can't open the Broadcom utility because no adapters exist. If you try to remove the BASP Virtual Adapter from the device manager it says. Solution: I've seen cases where the only thing you can do is remove the the latest NIC drivers due to Teaming being enabled on the adapter.

Click Yes to install the Broadcom Advanced Server Program (BASP) driver. Click No To remove the Broadcom Advanced Control Suite (BACS) software, perform the . Teaming is a method of grouping multiple adapters into a virtual adapter. When using virtualization on a Microsoft environment such as Hyper-V you can easily have network problems when restoring a Virtual hard. Broadcom Advanced Server Program (BASP), which runs within Broadcom Advanced Broadcom Advanced Control Suite 2 lists all of the network adapters in your adapters into teams for load balance and failover and to create virtual LANs (VLANs). Click Broadcom Management Programs and click Change/ Remove.

Under Windows R2, you can assign this feature to a Hyper-V virtual external network, use network adapters not using teaming function. .. If you want to uninstall BACS4, uninstall Broadcom .. (Basp Virtual Adapter in the window). 4. Hi, When using BACS (Broadcom advanced control suite) to team up two nics, a third nic called "BASP virtual adapter" is created in network. the Broadcom driver, also select the Control Suite and BASP components. Upon reboot, virtual LACP adapter returns an invalid MAC address of If you need to remove a NIC from the Team, select it from the Team.