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Next time you're stuck in a thunderstorm, try this easy way to calculate how far away you are from lightning strikes. The resulting number will tell you how many miles away you are from where lightning just struck. Five seconds, for example, indicates the lightning struck 1 mile. Since the speed of light is high and the speed of sound is much lower, the distance to a flash may be estimated from the time between lightning and thunder . Distance from Lightning Calculation Cheat Sheet 4. Calculate the distance from lightning in feet or meters. Sound travels at a speed of about meters.

This calculator is designed to give the approximate distance from lightning, based on the speed of sound. Are you in a safe place, how far away is the lightning? The distance may be easily calculated from the time difference between noticing the lightning and thunder. Weather calculator solving for lightning distance given the speed of sound in air and the elapsed time between the lighning flash and thunder.

Lightning distance can be calculated with some simple math. Learn about calculating lightning distance. Download Storm Distance Tracker & Alert and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. All you have to do is tap the lightning button when you see lightning, tap the thunder when Clear instructions as well as the basic science behind the calculation Jan 29, You can now disable ad's.