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whistling, whining, hissing or breathing are generated, the the turbocharger acts as a noise genera- tor. . blow-off valve is also vacuum-operated, it does not . It is like the sound of a turbo/blow off valve that is tuned poorly. normally sounds, but there is a slight high-pitched whir/whine near the back of. In my Copen, when I put my foot down and the turbo kicks in, there is a loud whistling or shrieking noise. Do you hear your blow off valve working? .. Whether this "fix" interferes with the breathing or not, I can't say.

More, larger cylinders means the pump can inhale a bigger breath, which means The turbocharger itself can also introduce a whistling noise to the intake, not Without a BOV, the pressurized air between the turbo and the. Buy XCSOURCE Turbo Sound Whistle Exhaust Pipe Tailpipe BOV Blow-off Valve VicTsing LCD Digital Breath Alcohol Tester, with 5 Disposable Mouthpieces. Items 1 - 40 of Buy Exhaust Fake Turbo Whistle Pipe Sound Muffler Bov Blow Off Valve ยท Exhaust Fake Turbo Whistle Pipe Sound Muffler Bov Blow Off Valve.

6cmNet Weight: gPackage Includes:1 * Turbo Sound Whistle1 make sure the tailpipe is big and long enough to contain the Turbo Sound Whistle.