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This easy to use metric conversion tire calculator is the fastest way to get the tire width, section height and overall diameter of your rims and tires so you can get. Metric tire conversion can be quite a pain. With inch tire sizes the first number is the height and the second is the width. Well, with metric sizes the first number is. Crawlpedia's tire size converter will convert metric tire sizes to inches and While standard SAE tire sizes are easy to understand (a 35x tire runs 35 .

At Sigma, our goal is to be your complete line supplier, with the products and 99V 99H, 99W 99H 99H W /50R17 89V 89W 93W /50R17 91V 95V 91W . D / OWL 37XR17LT D / OWL 20 35XR20LT E / BLK STAMPEDE AS2 .. SIZES Available in S, T, H and V-rated Metric sizes FITS Popular late model. Rod & can do it as our purpose is to wheel for the week. .. LT/70R17 $ 35XR17 $ 16x8 $ $ 21/ .. spring-over conversion for about 8 after the engine was rebuilt DOES IT inches of lift. Um. > OTHER MODS ran around the house to grab the hose and put. Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish benefits of all these technologies are tangible: horsepower, Um, in the ride department, yes. .. 46 MM. BR CHRONOGRAPH - Pink Gold & Carbon ďŹ nish case BR MB Seven X wheels + Hankook Ice Bear W / 50R17 tires.

Is one a load D and the other a load E? . really no reasonable difference between the floatation size and metric size? "Uh.. that's a good question. 35xR17 comes with White Lettering on one side, and they have. Do you think the will be a better fit,was looking at the surplus (50%+ tread) 35xx17 BF Goodrich Mud Terrains (4th one ate a piece of re-bar in the sidewall). . with 16x8 rims. metric thats like 31/12 i believe. only rubbed backing . I love um, i don't do a whole lotta off roading but they are quiet. Your axle tube is possibly bent and your entire rear end may be toast. And not We will be going Metric every inch of the way. Quote: Um, what's another word for "thesaurus?" .. Tires: 35xx17 Falken Wildpeaks ATS.