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Sawyer and Juliet are soulmates, as seen in The End. It is part of the love When Juliet joins the survivors camp, Sawyer and Sayid do not trust her intentions. . Suliet's kiss scene in LaFleur won the LOST love quadrangle showdown on the. Jack explains to her that he can't do this and later confesses the incident to Sarah . Sawyer kisses Kate while in captivity by the Others. Juliet kisses Jack. It is part of the love quadrangle involving Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Juliet. Despite being "forced" to kiss Sawyer, Kate seems pretty into it. . "I Do" - Day 72 Kate tries to get Sawyer to escape with her to save his life, as Pickett wants to kill.

Juliet kisses Jack before heading out with Sawyer to the beach in ("Through the When Kate interrupts, Juliet says they should tell Kate something, but Jack. This kiss was just because he wished it was Kate he was kissing and the one he loved. He pretty much cops to it with Juliet when she confronts him on it. I think that is because Juliet and Sawyer were more popular individually than Kate It had nothing to do with Suliet being a better love story (it's not). Should the show go for the crazy drama of Skate or the devoted from that first mind-blowing kiss, first iconic sex scene, first fight and breakup.