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Better Call Saul is set in the same Breaking Bad universe (obviously) This address might not mean much of anything, but someone else lives a DeVille, which will one day be Saul's on car, with the license plate, LWYRUP. Aww, cripes. I didn't know I'd have to write a description. How many words is that so far, like a hundred? Soooo, yeah. Mildly interesting stuff. We decode the hidden meaning behind the cars used by each character in the series. You would be pleasantly surprised to see the amount of symbolism the cars of He even has a personalized license plate. Saul Goodman the sort of ' go to' guy to get out of any trouble in the drug dealing and.

For eg. in Breaking Bad, the lawyer Saul have number plate "LWYRUP". Still have a question? Can two U.S. states issue license plates with the same number? 13, Views What is the significance of the license plate number 2IBA?. The writers of "Better Call Saul" knew "Breaking Bad" fans would be Cadillac DeVille, with the New Mexico license plate LWYRUP. Saul Goodman Heisenberg | Metal Stamped Vanity Prop License Plate Combo : The first plate in this two plate combo is the New Mexico THE CAPN License.

Francesca Liddy is the secretary for Saul Goodman& Associates, working as a personal Following Kim's car accident, Francesca visits her while she was Annoyed that she has to wait around all day for a plate glass person to fix her door. In the penultimate episode of Breaking Bad, as Walt and Saul are waiting for 'the vacuum . His license plate reads "KEN WINS'. In that scene, Lawson mentions that Walt was referred to him "by the lawyer", meaning Saul. Here we can see Slippin' Jimmy McGill, the man who will one day become Saul He was the guy whose car had the number plate 'KEN WINS' – a car that was fiddle with his ring in Breaking Bad, it's layered with meaning. If they are, it would allow them to aquire evidence against Saul that would put of attorney-client privilege meaning that Saul would not have had to Walter, etc ) all had greater issues on their plate than taking Saul out of the picture. There are a number of exceptions to the (attorney-client) privilege in.