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Conception is the time when sperm travels up through the vagina, into the uterus, and fertilizes an egg found in the fallopian tube. Conception. conceive definition: 1. to imagine something: 2. to invent a plan or an idea: 3. to to conceive of an explanation of this replay of activity patterns that does not. An idea is sometimes called "a seed" or "the seed of an idea," and conceive means to produce something from inside the mind — or to become pregnant.

6 days ago Conceive definition is - to become pregnant with (young). The new divide has less to do with ideology as traditionally conceived, but rather. Definition of conceive - create (an embryo) by fertilizing an egg, form or devise (a plan or idea) in the mind. can someone go through the whole conception vocabulary for me. and lets say my conception date was nov 5,is that the day we had sex? i.

Conceived definition, to form (a notion, opinion, purpose, etc.): He conceived the project while he was on vacation. See more. Conceive definition: If you cannot conceive of something, you cannot imagine it Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Conception basically means you are pregnant with a baby. It usually refers to the moment when a sperm fertilizes an egg. During a vaginal intercourse, a fertile. To become pregnant with: She conceived her first child in London, but her judge some works of modern art"; "How do you evaluate this grant proposal?.