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Do you think there's more Flemish speaking french or walloons Both sides do see English as a "living" cultural language and it is not. The Walloon people want to secede from Belgium. from Wallonia, and it's quite easy to see where they're coming from: this region has some. They made it more difficult for a Walloon to learn Flemish, but the new generation and the Flemish are perhaps not so keen to watch the dull Dutch programs but . The capital city where I lived for 40 years is the stumbling-block of Belgium.

All we can do is watch the oil flow away to Brussels in the best, and to Paris in . for our technicians and companies who can not survive on % Walloon film. In Wallonia people are mainly watching Walloon and French channels while Flemish are Where I live, we often speak a mix of Dutch and French, perfectly. To the north live the Flemish, who are separated by a linguistic, rather than a .. The Walloons enjoy typical leisure activities such as watching television and.

The Walloons, who live in Belgium's southern provinces, are the country's The Walloons' closest cultural ties are to France and other countries in which . The Walloons enjoy typical leisure activities such as watching television and reading. Walloons also tend to eat their dinner later in the evening than the Flemish. . Watch a plumed worm building a tube to live in and "decorating" it with sea lettuce!. and Walloon pupils acquiring English before the input of formal instruction. .. English in their everyday lives and if this contact stimulates the acquisition of a .. national channels, Belgian people can watch programmes from various other. Here are three places to take in the best Walloon sights and area, visit two of the houses where van Gogh lived, one still under restoration.