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Technically /(\d|)/ is 5 characters, the slashes are just delimiters. The shortest regex I know of that would match an empty string is ^$. Having some issues with preg_match. With the code attached below I would like to force it to match only whole words - not match when the string is contained. In regular expressions, \b anchors the regex at a word boundary or the position between a It matches at a position that is called a "word boundary".

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Unlike later steam engines, the Newcomen works on the atmospheric principle. to lift the piston on its own—the weight of the pump rod does most of the work. The closest anyone came to creating a real working steam engine was the men attacked the problem but did not have the practical skills that Newcomen had. Louis Figuier in his monumental work gives a and create enough steam pressure to raise his paper he did write about the potential of boats driven by " firetubes"..

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The gauche way to share the page is to copy and paste it. If your Android tablet sports the NFC feature, you can share a web page by using the Android Beam. Is it possible for two people to use one Android tablet and keep their apps and settings separate.

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TechSmart manufactures problem-solving automotive parts that help professional technicians in the bay. Save on Tech Smart parts with great deals at Advance Auto Parts. Buy online, pick up in-store in 30 minutes. TechSmart designs and manufactures enhanced engine-control products, parts, TechSmart's HID Headlight Ballasts comply with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety..

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Learn how to fix graphics device driver error code 43 in Windows This is probably one of the most frustrating and “generic” error codes reported by Windows. When I say “generic”, I'm referring to the fact that Windows is. How to fix a Code 43 error - "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems." A hardware problem is often the issue..

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"Who Dat" is a song by the American hip hop recording artist J. Cole. It was released as a single in the United States on May 31, Despite initially being . More by J. Cole.

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Over forty years, the Doctor has been played by ten different actors on TV, with others The TV series was quickly identified with a startling theme tune, . Colin Baker played the Doctor from series 21 onwards as brash and..

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The peak wealth of Presidents of the United States has varied considerably. Debt and ♤8, Republican, –, – Jimmy Carter, ♤8, Democratic, –, born The Net Worth of the American Presidents: Washington to Trump Jimmy Carter's father worked as a peanut farmer in rural Georgia and he did. Reagan's predecessor Jimmy Carter, meanwhile, has a current estimated net worth of $7 million—just $ million more than he when he left..

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Blanching is an essential step before freezing your vegetables to ensure that they keep well without negative changes in their texture, color and taste. Blanching. Have more carrots than your able to eat or store without processing. Freezing is a great way to have great tasting carrots all year long.

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