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out of 28 reviews READ REVIEWS . Tony's line of low-impact exercise equipment and instructional videos that provide an interactive atmosphere in the . Image jpg, Product / Price $, Tony Little's EZ Image Getting into great shape isn't easy, but Tony Little is here to help with the EZ Shaper® Pro Total Body Exerciser, which will give you a full body Customer Reviews. The Easy Shaper provides a full body workout without the need for dumbbells and other exercise equipment. Lightweight and portable. Easily assembled.

Are your workouts getting too easy? Do you need more resistance to increase the intensity of your workouts? Then you need these cords. Features: Up to 80 lbs. EZ Shaper Pro Bar, 2 Sets of Power Cord resistance bands, page exercise and nutrition guide, Adjust and use in multiple ways for different exercises. Find Easy Shaper: Tony Little's 4 in 1 Personal Training Workouts at Anazao Fitness Gear Multi-Myo 40" 3-Strap Long Resistance Band Bar (For use with.

It doesn't look like you can do some of the exercises with Tony's that. which is similar, only thing is it seems to me to be more cumbersome than the bodyflex bar . After about 6 months of almost daily use a band snapped.