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It would be far easier to try and come up with a list of manufacturers who do not use Lippert frames. But you do have to remember, Lippert only. Lippert Frames are used by the majority of units. The manufacturer can specify how strong it is though. DRV uses Lippert and it is very heavy. Does Columbus or Jayco use the Lippert frames? Ah, the RV frames, Lippert and others, let the saga continue. Paper thin in structural areas.

Sounds like things got better after purchasing Dexter. This also leads me to another question. If Heartland and Jayco both use Lippert frames. Keystone, Forest River, Mobile Suites, and Thor brands apparently use Lippert for all their frames. Several other manufacturers use Lippert. Join Date: Nov Posts: 17, Yes, there are frames made by Lippert that have had failures. Yes, most manufacturers use Lippert frames.

With all the neg feedback about Lippert frames I think I would rather purchase one Jayco, NUWA, Excell are a few I know about that dont use Lippert frames. Good points, however, good luck finding RVs that dont use LCI products. A lot of the Lippert frame failure stories I found on the interweb. Due to the intended use of LIPPERT COMPONENTS Covered Products, to the or towing vehicle wiring, the attachment of running gear to the frame, or use.