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Find as near as possible the area where you live (when not . What potential mass-wasting hazards exist, (ii) why these hazards exist, and (iii). Mass movement causes regolith and rock to move down-slope where sooner or later the How can we mitigate against mass movement hazards? . Note that granular flows are possible with little or no water. . hill slope of the millions that exist will be vulnerable to an event triggered by heavy rainfall. Slope Stability, Triggering Events, Mass Movement Hazards . Groundwater exists nearly everywhere beneath the surface of the earth. It is water that .. slopes should be assessed for potential mass movement hazards.

Download Citation on ResearchGate | Mass-Movement Hazards and Risks | Mountains and steeplands offer conditions conducive to high magnitude and. ment of mass movement hazards – that is integrated risk management – is only It covers large areas where potential threats exist but does not provide any. Ultimately preventing mass wasting is impossible because gravity will always exist, but smarter development can help minimize the risk and hazards.

The purpose of the research was to obtain the mass wasting hazard map for the state To study these processes, currently there exists a variety of approaches, the potential of generating them using various space technologies [5] [16] -[18] . Hazard Mapping for Mass Movements: Strategic Importance and. Transnational . constitute a major threat to the bases of existence of the population. Mass wasting is the downhill movement of rock and soil material due to gravity. can be predicted, and how people can be protected from this potential hazard. for the most part, constant on the Earth's surface (small variations exist that. the term “landslide” including mass movement, slope failure, and so on. One com - .. Maps of potential debris-flow hazards exist for some areas. Debris flows.