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Ferries have arrived Jorvik in this week's update! - You can now travel by ferry between Fort Pinta, Cape West Fishing Village, and Jarlaheim! To travel by ferry, simply ride to each ferry dock and click the yellow exclamation mark to activate them. Ferries are a type of transportation available in South New Jorvik County. To be able to travel by ferry the player must be Star Rider and have activated the Star Stable Online Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat . Posts about before the ferry leaves written by Maggie Oldcamp. Dismount your horse and use the scraper tool to clean the surfboards, then.

Posts about the ferry to south hoof written by Maggie Oldcamp. Dismount your horse to use the box from your inventory. Once all the boxes. The ferry system is now in game and anyone can use it for a free cost (you obviously have to be a star rider to get to the other. In order to use the ferries, you need to have reached each of the ferry docks by horse first. Once you do that, you can take them all whenever you need. Taking.