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The Native American Party, renamed the American Party in and commonly known as the . The party's voters were by no means all native-born Americans, for it won more than a fourth of the German and British Protestants in numerous. Written By: The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica. Know-Nothing party. Political party, United States. Know-Nothing party View All Media. date. - A Know-Nothing Know-It-All is a character who insists he or she knows everything; is always Has nothing to do with a know-it-all from the Know- Nothing party.

From xenophobia to conspiracy theories, the Know Nothing party And above all, members of the secret society weren't allowed to talk about. And the know-nothings in power are doing all they can to a young man, circa , representing the nativist ideal of the Know Nothing party. Geri* never met a problem she did not know how to solve. At a party sometime after I began working with Geri, I met Harry*, who also seemed to think he knew.

Definition of Know-Nothing Party in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online Many Protestants felt that all Catholics were controlled by and took orders from the. The Know-Nothing Party, also known as the American Party, was a prominent United States political party during the late s and the early s. If all that sounds familiar today, it's worth remembering that the Know-Nothings didn't last for very long. By the late s, the party was torn. In , the "Know Nothing" American Party carried local elections in In the elections, the American Party gained control of all but three.