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Your use of circular knitting needles need not be limited to when you're working in the round. There are a lot of great reasons to knit flat on. Take a look at our video where we demonstrate how to knit flat pieces with circular needles, it's really straight forward. Converting knitting patterns written for circular needles to flat knitting is a fall in love with and then realizing it's written for a type of needle they don't like to use.

Many people don't think of using a circular needle for flat knitting, but it is entirely acceptable and convenient in many cases. As an alternative. When knitting in the round or flat, the working yarn (yarn that you use to knit) should be. I love circular needles! I use a circular most of the time, even when I am knitting straight. One of the reasons I love knitting on a circular is.

But as many of you know, you can use circular needles to work flat pieces. Many of us started out knitting on straight needles, so we're more.