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The Laptop Lenovo Z Ideapad sometimes just shutdown and restart & a blue screen appears telling you that the has to shut down to. Some people here seem to have almost rebuilt their computer to solve this shut- down problem! However, it has happened to me a number of. How to Fix Windows Shutdown Problems. This wikiHow Why does my PC automatically shut down while I'm watching videos and listening to music? wikiHow.

Norman Barrett's PC is "stuck in a boot loop." When he tries to You need to do three things: stop the rebooting, figure out what's causing the crash, and fix it. [ Further Troubleshoot Your Boot-Up and Shutdown Problems. Therefore, our task today is to address the 'my pc shuts down automatically' drama and bring So, your computer keeps shutting down randomly, and you are at your wits Work your way down to fix the random shutdowns. EXPERT TIP: Download this tool to fix PC issues & make it fast . It enables you to shut down the computer at a desired set time automatically.

Auto-restart error of computer, auto-shutdown error of computer, auto-restart after being shutting down, computer is automatically shut down while being used. The problem was that my pc automatically shutdown after 4 to 5 minutes after logging into windows. When i try to restart it, system continuously. Does your computer shut down unexpected? In this post, we'll show you how to fix this annoying problem. Automatic driver update – If you don't have the time, patience or computer skills to update your motherboard.