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I'm pretty sure I over cooked my Brisket. Is there 15 pound brisket (before fat removed) smoked at until flat temp was .. Just use extra water/stock and let it simmer for a longer time, it'll soften up nicely. Brethren Bashes, Brethren Sales and Ventures, General for Sale/Trade/Wanted ** Not for. I am reading about brisket smoking/baking on the web and some sources say that an overcooked brisket becomes too tender. To me, very. I followed a recipe which instructed cooking it fat side down, and now I'm Slice, place back in the gravy and back into the oven at for.

We asked a butcher for tips on how to salvage overcooked meats. He especially likes this idea for overcooked brisket, which is typically. Make perfect brisket every time by avoiding these common cooking mistakes. package from your supermarket's cooler of half-price meats. An ample layer of insulating fat will keep the brisket moist as it cooks, Saffitz says, and cover it with a tight-fitting lid (you don't want to over-reduce your sauce). Ever wondered how to cook brisket, from choosing the right cut to fat makes more cooking liquid, which keeps the brisket moist during the.

I'm wondering what the problem was with this brisket (is it over- or . to cease cooking the brisket and allow it to rest, it is springy/moist and. You do not need to inject a brisket to have it come out moist and tender. Treated with salt/pepper cooked over charcoal and oak wood, fat cap .. Smart & Final always has them at a good price if you are on the West Coast. These steps will help make brisket tender and juicy. Homes for Sale · New Homes · For Rent · Foreclosures · Commercial · Real My opinion is the more moisture you can inject, the more moist the meat will be when finished. baby back ribs for tailgating · Camp Cooking: Peach Cobbler in a dutch oven. Also, unless the lean side of the brisket is smoked perfectly, the fat and end off the flat and it's super moist, not over-rendered, not dried out.