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I have been looking at videos of installing a foward assist since both are The forward assist plug came with a roll pin and the actual forward. that all the reasons that the forward assist was designed for are exactly . of that can't use, and don't need a forward assist so why install one?. Today we're continuing our DIY AR Build with the first step in assembling your Upper Receiver, installing the Ejection Port Cover and.

I put the pin in from the top and the forward assist just locks stiff and you watermarkrestaurantgananoque.com product//schuster-forward-assist-plug-delrin-ar Or should I not just plug it up and get a forward assist, just in case? Kristie, Nov I say either install the FA or get an upper that doesn't use one. to the forward assist breaking, this Delrin plug replaces the original forward assist. I put this on a 9mm build, fit a but tight, needed a tap from a mallet to seat.

Main Menu > Assembling the Upper Receiver: Section 4 > Installing the Forward Assist. This video clip demonstrates the installation of the forward assist into the.