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Buy 1 X Hand Crank Flashlight by kingsmart: Handheld Flashlights So far the units I have done this to have worked ok and produced same amouint of light as. I have a couple of hand cranked flashlights laying around and I was never satisfied with their performance. I decided to mod one of the flashlights by switching the lithium ion rechargeable battery with a super capacitor. Step 4: Reverse Engineering the Hand Cranked Circuit. A Haitian boy turns the crank on his crank-powered flashlight radio. Mechanically powered flashlights were distributed by aid organizations to survivors of the Haiti earthquake since electric power was lost for a long period. A mechanically powered flashlight is a flashlight that is powered by electricity generated by the . Some mechanically powered flashlights.

They are just cheap ones and I'm not even sure of the brand, but they work quite I have a crank flash light and I love it, Roadmaster Hand Cranking Flashlight. I bought two of these hand-cranked mini flashlights as stocking stuffers for my grandchildren, I was a little skeptical but this little doo-dad really does work.