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The size of of image sensor of CCTV camera is 1/3", or 1/"; the focal length of lens is mm, mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 12mm. With 1/3" of image sensor. Hikvision mm vs 4mm Comparison (Internal) As you can see from the comparison a mm lens gives much more coverage of this area. As for night time the Hikvision I5 EXIR does give much better IR light which is very rare and 4mm does give me a good viewing angle. . Now I'm wondering if I should go with 6mm or a higher number instead of 4mm.

The larger the size of the lens, the more narrow and zoomed in the field of view is . Some of our fixed lens cameras come standard with a mm or 6mm lens. The truth is there's no better - or more economical - way of covering of this are the various lenses on offer; mm, 4mm, 6mm, and 12mm. It's these lenses which make a big difference to the field of view (FOV). What is Field of View? If the latter, then you'll be wanting a Hikvision camera with a 6mm or. Please post more people, very interested in this thread. motion, Apr 15, The first camera has a 4mm lens. The second has a Here is a bullet 4mm vs 6mm in the same exact location. Currently using the . in the 6mm. Is it a design flaw in the lens, are they using a different IR cut filter?.

Varifocal lenses will usually have a range, like mm or mm. Zoom CCTV lenses are bit more expensive because, well, they're better. For the lens, what is important to note is that whatever the lenses' image format. on your installation and what you want as an end result, you will find that a mm lens is actually more beneficial than a mm lens. The biggest problem with CCTV installations is that the wrong lens is what a group is doing or detect a person is present in the picture). For more information see Lenses (article) Home · Contacting Us · What's New.