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The serial number is a character code that is found on a small white sticker on the inside of your case. Should you find this number difficult to read, take a. Testing a Verify Brand form. Order Status. Enter the order number and the Billing Address Postal Code. OR the Last Apple Cases · Samsung Cases · Google Cases · Motorola Cases.

Proof of Purchase of Case: Take a photo of your receipt to upload. Mobile Device's IMEI/MEID/Serial Number: Find on your mobile device and take a photo to. Though there are other ways to tell that a LifeProof case is fake (poor craftsmanship, etc.), the serial number is the fastest, most foolproof method. Why? Because. I am trying to register my lifeproof case and it asks for the serial number and IMEI, I do not know where to find these. I was hoping to avoid.

LifeProof FRE iPhone 4/4s Waterproof Case - Retail Packaging Does it have serial numbers? Answer: . How do i find out what kind of phne my case fits?. Sep 14, Your LifeProof case and LifeProof accessories are covered by a full Day . note containing your name, the date and the serial number. May 28, The only other option was that the genuine Fre LifeProof cases were in a serial number, which LifeProof uses in genuine cases for warranty.