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If you are going to court, you may be represented by a lawyer, but it is not required. It's important to taking care of yourself by eating healthy, getting rest, being. For example, the Canadian Bar Association branch in your province or territory may be able to direct Where to learn more about representing yourself in court. There is no consistently reported data on self-represented litigants in Canada's courts, although some provinces have started keeping numbers.

The National Self-Represented Litigants Project (NSRLP) is committed to Facts about Self-Representation Are you representing yourself in court? Click here. Use the PDF version for a print copy. Representing Yourself at Your Family Law Trial in the Ontario Court of Justice. This is intended to help you represent. A - It is wise to get legal advice and to have a lawyer represent you in court. criminal conviction can affect your ability to get a job and to travel outside Canada.

An instructional video from the Canadian Bar Association Alberta branch Alberta Courts: Family court assistance for self-represented litigants . If you choose to represent yourself, you are still subject to the law, including rules of procedure. Although you can represent yourself, you are advised to have a lawyer if at all . The Supreme Court of Canada is the highest level of court in.