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If you frequent photography websites or have photographer friends, then there's a good chance you've encountered the term bokeh before. Camera enthusiasts. Read Nikon tips on how to achieve the bokeh effect in your photos and see our beautiful Visit any photography website or forum and you'll find plenty of folks. If you are new to photography you have probably only recently learned about the concept known as “bokeh”. It is Japanese in origin and refers to blur or a blurry.

Bokeh is an optical effect in which the background of a photo is blurred. This blur You can also use bokeh filters to create all sorts of shapes. What shape will a small dot of light take what it is in the Bokeh area? If you like the effect there is also a commercial version available – the. We'll show you how to capture it naturally, plus how simple it is to get the look by adding Bokeh effects with BeFunky's Photo Editor.

Different lens designs, aperture shapes and sizes, and various depths of field have profound effects on the type and extent of bokeh produced. Bokeh Effect Tutorial: How To Capture Photographs With “That Blurry More specifically, bokeh is the photography term used to define out of. In photography, bokeh is the aesthetic quality of the blur produced in the out-of- focus parts of Recently, photographers have exploited the shape of the bokeh by creating a 7 Plus which can take pictures with "Portrait Mode" (a bokeh like effect). .. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. If taking a photo with the bokeh effect is too tricky for you, or if you have an old photo that you would like to add it to, then there is always photo.