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Java moss is one of the easiest to grow, and hardy, aquarium plants around. In cooler waters of around 24oC you'll get faster growth, and a. Java moss is not picky about its lighting conditions, but it will grow differently depending on the brightness. If you want your moss dense and to grow quickly, use. The best way to encourage mosses in your aquarium to look great and to grow quickly is to keep them cool. Some aquatic mosses, however.

Java Moss can survive growing fast and green in water conditions that would kill or brown most aquatic plants. It reproduces by dividing and spreading. It is so well suited for moving water that some aquarium owners have been known to grow their java moss outside the tank, in small, fast moving creeks or. I wonder does mosses, like java moss grow faster emersed? If so, I intend to lay the moss on egg crates, which I will place in a shallow tray of.

The stuff will not grow at all in any of my aquariums. I suspect it's lack of nutrients, because Java moss is supposed to grow fast. Of course, too many nutrients will.