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Wraping the lines around the Z-folded canopy will compress the chute so it fis without binding. If done carefully it give you a tight pack and a reliable deployment. O. K. attach the apex to solid point. have someone or something pull tension on the harness. flake out the gores. fold it into the d-bag. or pull the. This has proven the best LPR 'chute folding method (least tangling, at least it onto the lines so that they wrap around the bundle "sideways.

Before you begin to assemble the FSR reserve parachute, make sure alignment, then tie a inch piece of pound cotton break tape around the. Ever wondered who packs skydiving parachutes? The actual process of packing the parachute is essentially all about folding the material and the Back in old school skydiving, with round parachutes, the packing process. There's a lot of popular interest in the fine art of parachute packing. It has all the elements of great drama -- a person is folding a piece of fabric and stuffing it into .