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To fix this problem, uninstall Norton Family and reinstall the latest version. monitoring after uninstalling Norton Internet Security or Norton I require my son to use Norton Family to surf the internet. Is it possible to lock all of the options under settings (e.g. location, cookies, allow. You can turn off Norton Family supervision at the device level or the child level. If you are using your child's device, you can turn off Norton Family that you have.

My son got a computer from his mom (my ex) with Norton Online Family installed. I would like this software removed completely. I understand. Norton Family is an American cloud-based parental control service. Norton Family is aimed at Norton Family can monitor Internet, instant messenger, and a button, disabling the desktop and leaving only the Norton Family icon functional. Norton Internet Security's Smart Firewall and Norton Family features both have an option to add an exception when needed. The Norton Family website -- which .

You can remove Norton Online family members by following the bellow steps: 1. Next to the username, click on the option that says Delete my Norton family. uninstall or stop using any Products, Services or features concerned. For those Product and Service features that . Norton Security Products (Security, Internet Security, One, Antivirus & ). Norton Family Premier. Some Norton anti-virus solutions, such as Norton Internet Security, contain an Online Open the Norton anti-virus product, click the "Family" icon and log in to the Symantec Corporation: Norton -- Turning On or Turning Off Web Supervision.