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Below is an overview of a computer keyboard with the backslash key highlighted in blue. It is also. Answer: The backslash key is located near the "Enter" or "Return" key on most keyboards. It is most often found directly to the left of the Enter key, but can also be. Dear all, What is the shortcut key for \? Warm regards Dharmesh.

Ok you guys must think I'm reaaly stupid [wink] I'm trying to find the backslash key on an American Dell QuietKey keyboard. For all this time I. On mine, the front slash (/) is usually located down bellow the " key next to the shift key and the backslash () is usually located just above the. This is more for my own reference than anything else but today I was needing to enter a backslash key while using a US keyboard but with UK.

Above that if you see =\backslash is on the right. There is usually a special characters button after switching to numbers/. This should provide a backslash! On the German keyboard backslash is Alt + Shift + 7 . This gives you the extra UK backslash key.