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Rhamel Bratton, the team's fifth-leading scorer, will not play this spring and to indefinitely suspend his twin brother, senior Rhamel Bratton. If you know anything about the sport of lacrosse then you know who Shamel and Rhamel Bratton are and how they were a major part of. There are a few ways to differentiate the identical twin brothers Rhamel and Shamel Bratton. Shamel has a slightly rounder face, and Rhamel is.

Coming out of high school in , twin brothers Rhamel & Shamel Bratton from Long Island were two of the best lacrosse players in the. Twins Shamel and Rhamel Bratton were superstar lacrosse players at Huntington High School. They received scholarships to Virginia and the. Remember the growth or this game over the last 30 years, then remember how much bigger it has gotten in the last 10 years. Taken the United.

Bratton, a senior midfielder, had been suspended twice this season for unspecified reasons. Bratton, whose twin brother Rhamel also plays for. Virginia Lacrosse Dismisses Shamel Bratton. Former Huntington lacrosse star dismissed Friday for violating team policies while twin brother. The brothers appeared on IL's Recruiting Issue cover as rising seniors at Huntington (N.Y.) High, repeating the honor, along with No.