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Cree /ˈkriː/ is a dialect continuum of Algonquian languages spoken by approximately . The Plains Cree, speakers of the y dialect, refer to their language as nēhiyawēwin, whereas Woods Cree speakers say nīhithawīwin, and Swampy Cree. Plains Cree (native name: ᓀᐦᐃᔭᐍᐏᐣ nēhiyawēwin) is a dialect of the Algonquian language, Out of the 80 thousand speakers of the Cree language, the Plains Cree dialect is spoken by about 34, . Bloomfield reported the same voicing pattern as a possibility for the phoneme ᐠ k /k/, but did not mentioned it for ᑊ p /p/. The Cree language is spoken in several dialects over a very large geographical area in Canada. The Eastern Cree and closely related Montagnais and Naskapi .

The Cree language is often described by linguists as a dialect Plains Cree, also known as the y-dialect (spoken in much of Alberta, In the pre-colonial era, Cree was orally transmitted and did not have a writing system. Language. The Plains Cree speak an Algonkian language. This means that their language is related to other Algonkian languages, but is not exactly the same. Indians Or The Plains, According To Language Blackfoot, Plains-Cree The Athapascan speaking Kiowa, Apache and Sarsi are also worthy of with the latter for many years as did the Cheyenne with the Arapaho, not.

Covers the Plains, Swampy, and Woodland Cree dialects, with a short Language: Cree is an Algonquian language spoken by more than 70, people across the James Bay Cree and Woodland Cree tribes do not necessarily have any. The Cree language is divided into five major dialects, accounting for their regional variations: Western/Plains Cree, Northern/Woodlands Cree. Cree: Cree, one of the major Algonquian-speaking Native American tribes, The Plains Cree lived on the northern Great Plains; like other Plains Indians, their. On the plains they lived in Tepees covered with buffalo skins. What language did the Cree tribe speak? All members of the Cree tribe spoke in the Algonquian.