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Toyotas don't need the keysense wire connected to remote start. it is just Yes, you can use the negative ignition output to the keysense wire. The keysense wire is a negative connection that rests at ground and when a key is inserted jumps to 12v. I need to be able to send a 12v pulse to this key sense wire before remote start. On-line tutorials say to interrupt the key sense with the ground while running output on the. hey everyone, just a quick question, does anyone know way the keysense wire is , the wiring information ive found doesnt tell me anything.

Ignition output of remote starter connected to KeySense! starter is connected to A1, A16 and Yellow/Black wire of T-Harness, all KeySense(+). On evo all, what's the difference between the 2 key sense pins? has an ignition output wired to a1 and yellow/black, can I also wire a16 here?. 3G TL Audio, Bluetooth, Electronics & Navigation - Keysense Wire???? - hey guys im installing a compustar remote start/alarm on my girls.

Connecting the Bypass Module and the. Keysense wire using (2) 1Amp Diodes: Connect to the KEYSENSE wire in the vehicles. Security Bypass output wire. so after following some excellent write-ups on here, i managed to hook into the key sense wire when i installed my pioneer fbt double-din. I.C.E. & Electrical - HOT TOPIC: Key Sense Wire - heres a good one that puts a smile on my face. I had a devil of a time finding our key sense. KEYSENSE SHUT-OFF CIRCUITThis 2nd generation Transponder Bypass Kit is equipped with a relayed (-) or (+) 1 wire optional KEYSENSE.