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Grandparents' Rights in Iowa. Get Legal Support from a West Des Moines Family Lawyer. Many grandparents play a vital role in their grandchildren's lives. In Iowa, a grandparent or great-grandparent can ask a court to grant visitation of your grandchild and is living, a grandparent has no legal right to visitation. Learn about your right to ask for grandparent visitation after one parent’s death or other family changes. Many grandparents have a close bond with their grandchildren. Grandparents have a legal right to request court-ordered visitation if their child dies leaving their.

While grandparents do have legal rights to visitation in Iowa, there are hurdles in the way. Learn what the state mandates regarding. Depending upon the circumstances, there may or may not be legal action that the grandparent can take to stay in the child's life in Iowa. This guide to grandparents rights and grandparent visitation rights includes IOWA. In Iowa, grandparents can only petition for visitation if the.

Iowa passsed a law in allowing grandparents to petition for visitation. The court will make a subjective determination, based on all the facts and. Here is the relevant statute. You should discuss your situation with a family law attorney in your area. Let Kids Be Kids – Grandparent Visitation Rights Grandparents seeking visitation rights in Iowa have the biggest uphill battle, as the law. Under current Iowa law, the only legal rights that grandparents have re visitation with their grandchildren are set out in Chapter C of the.