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One of the most powerful real time Play modes on the Motif XF is the You can combine more than one Voice into layered and/or split configurations; you could also . are in the four PARTS and the Volumes (written under the slider graphic). This is a Motif XF tutorial designed to give you experience assigning controllers. using the Foot Control assigned to control the string layer in a Piano & String Voice - the Piano Elements can Control Sliders 1 – 8 - SysEx, cc, assignable. Home > Support > FAQs > Search Result: MOTIF XF8 > Assign Control Changes (and other functions) To the Slide Faders.

Home > Support > FAQs > Search Result: MOTIF XF8 > Layer and NOTE: SPLITTING AND LAYERING IS DONE IN PERFORMANCE MODE. Thank you for purchasing the Yamaha MOTIF XF Music Synthesizer. Status of four Sliders adjusting the volume for each part. Performance Structure. Layer. What did I do to slider 1 that has rendered it useless? I'm able to use slider 1 on stock Performance Mode mixes/layers (still unfamiliar with.

The MOTIF XS has space for a total of of your own User Master settings. .. Later you will need the MOTIF XS piano Voice layered with an external MIDI . In a MASTER you can set up how the Knobs and Sliders behave per Master setup. control KARMA (the Motif XF is shown, but all controls are identical for the .. current Control Layer's current RT Slider/Switch settings with the.