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Stop slogging away in treadmill purgatory. Follow this helpful guide to lose weight and improve endurance—without hating your workout. Discover different ways to challenge your cardiovascular system and monitor your heart rate to get in a great, fat-burning workout!. Most of us already know that cardio exercise is important for a number of reasons . It helps you burn calories and lose weight, it keeps your heart.

Training for Cardiovascular Fitness. What's in it for me? Cardiovascular (aerobic) exercise: • increases your energy and stamina. • helps control blood pressure. It helps build cardiovascular fitness with shorter workouts. Have you heard about interval training but aren't sure how it works and whether it's. How to Improve Cardiovascular Fitness. Cardiovascular fitness refers to the efficiency with which the heart pumps blood and oxygen to the.

The cardiovascular system consists of your heart and blood vessels and is responsible for transporting oxygen and nutrients throughout your body. Physical . Some gym rats groan about the hours of cardio it took to finally break down You'd love to train harder and longer, but the older you get, the. Plenty of training modalities don't live up to the hype. High-intensity interval training definitely does. Aside from the known health benefits, it'll leave you on the. The best way to build your cardio respiratory endurance is by improving your body's consumption of oxygen. Cardio respiratory endurance, or.