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This is the best way to spell COW in thirteen letters. You have to write it as you say it. So for no of letters. C SEE 3. O O 1. W DOUBLE YOU 9. Total In this way. C.A.T Exam question Spell the word "COW" in 13 letters. C.A.T Exam question: Spell the word "COW" in 13 letters. Scientists got mad. I can write cow in 13 letters. Can you? How do you spell cow with 13 letters? Spell the word cow in 13 letters.

Cow in 13 letters. Katie · 9 years ago. 0 just now. keathley. Thirteen Letters Cow in Latin is spelled as Bos primgenius. ♥Mandy♥ · 9 years. see-o-double-u. HOW DO YOU SPELL "COW" USING FOURTEEN LETTERS.

Can you write cow in 13 letters? - To to brush up your brain we have all the puzzles at one place. Study and implementation of aptitude question on puzzle and notify how to write cow in 13 letters its for boost up your puzzle knowledge. CAT Question Solution - Spell The Word COW in 13 Letters?.