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Tonight while a friend and I were doing some wet felting (and I didn't want to commit to These toys are fast, easy, inexpensive, and an all around great cat toy. Locate catnip plants growing wild either on your property, or visit a garden store during the spring or summer, and purchase a catnip plant or two. Tie your cat nip with yarn or heavy thread, then Hang it up side down in a dark room or closet until dry. Start stabbing the Wool. Make your own felt mouse DIY cat toy with this super-simple downloadable pattern and Felt Cat, Wet Felting, Needle Felting, Cat Cave, Felting Tutorials, Felt.

Felting to make cat toys; perfect for getting your feet wet in the wonderful world of felting. Bonus: your cat will love you. This is a photo-tutorial for how to make wet-felted balls, which are actually Maxy's favorite toys. He loves to bat them around and play fetch with. This pattern will show you how to make a felted kitty toy - complete with Catnip and feathers! You can also use it to make dog toys (for small dogs) and as.

I've had some requests to do more cat projects and I've been So today I'll be showing you how to make some needle felted cat toys! like in wet felting, or through stabbing with a felting needle, they hook on to eachother. For this week's DIY, we've made some delightful felted cat toys. Below is the instructions for wet felting a rolling jingle ball toy for your kitty. So here's a little tutorial that shows how I make my cat toys. As you can see it isn't round but that gets taken care of in the wet felting process.