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Let's make and play with our very own DIY ladybug paper hand puppet! Quickly print out template (can be used both as a color in or as a. Make a paper bag puppet ladybug craft with our free ladybug template and a few craft supplies! This is a fun spring and summer project for kids. Ladybird glove puppet - could be adapted for making a spider Glove . ladybug preschool theme Preschool Lessons, Preschool Themes, Preschool Art, Bug.

Is your daughter a fan of the Ladybug Girl book series? Here is a super cute Ladybug Finger Puppet Craft for reenacting the books!. Here's a cute paper bag ladybug puppet we made as a fun way for my preschooler to practice using controlled amounts of glue. Cute for pretend play and. I knew she would love making a ladybug puppet to play with! We made it as a paper bag craft for her to practice using controlled amounts of.