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An Elizabeth Zimmermann inspired blanket worked in any yarn using only 10 stitches. You start in the Published in. Frankie's Knitted Stuff. This fun ten stitch knitted blanket is quite unusual in that it has been knitted using only 10 stitches. You knit from the center out in a square spiral. TEN-STITCH TWIST: A circular version of my Ten Stitch Blanket, this garter stitch spiral is worked on only ten stitches with virtually no sewing up. It's shaped with.

Ravelry: Ten Stitch Blanket pattern by Frankie Brown - Great use of yarn scraps Smoking Hot Needles: August 10 Stitch Blanket, Knit Squares Blanket. Loom Knitting Blanket, Afghan Loom, Loom Blanket, Round Loom Knitting, Loom Scarf, Loom Knitting Stitches, Spool Knitting, Loom Knitting Projects, Knifty. Brown's 'Ten Stitch Blanket' pattern and posted my notes about it on Ravelry. is really the basis of all knitting, I suppose), as well as picking the stitches up.