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Tip: Click anywhere in the page you want to delete, press Ctrl+G (Option+⌘+G on Mac), and in the Enter page number box, type \page. Press Enter on your. You can easily add or delete a page in your documents with Word for Mac. If you work in IT, learn how BetterCloud's Unified SaaS Management platform can help you manage G Suite and other applications. Get the.

How to Delete an Unwanted Blank Page in Microsoft Word. So there is a blank page either in the middle or at the end of your Word document. Delete unwanted pages in any version of Microsoft Word using these instructions. Deleting blank or extra pages in Word has never been easier. It's not actually that tricky to delete a page in Word but it seems to cause a fair few problems, especially if you have a table at the end of a.

Most of the time you won't know why it's happened but you've got a pesky blank page in Word that's appeared out of nowhere. Well here's how. Need to delete a range of pages out of the middle of your document? It's easy to do using editing techniques you already know about. (Tips.