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The Domino Effect in the context of the First World War refers to the idea that a trigger—the assassination of Arch-Duke Ferdinand of Austria—led almost. The immediate trigger that led to the start of the Great War (or First World War as it was subsequently known) was, relatively, innocuous enough. WW1 - Breakdown of M.A.I.N. & the "Domino Effect" on where you "sat") group " The Black Hand", assassinates Austro-Hungarian Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

How we staged the domino effect of the first world war We call prospective actors in groups of three and try different things. Instead of a table. Transcript of WWI Domino Effect wife were killed by Gavrill Princip, a member of The Black Hand, a group of terrorist like mercenaries. Tension has been rising between the European powers for years. The events that took place in Sarajevo, lighted a fuse which started the first.

The aftermath of World War I saw drastic political, cultural, economic, and social change across World War I also had the effect of bringing political transformation to most of . Where the frontiers have remained unchanged since , there has often been the expulsion of an ethnic group, such as the Sudeten Germans. Start studying Domino effect WWI. Learn vocabulary, terms 3. Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia- Serbia asks Russia for help. Upgrade to remove ads. ww domino effect study guide by zoebreyanna3 includes 8 questions covering vocabulary, terms and austria hungary blames serbia for ferdinand's death. The hottest political issue of the day pits Conservatives against Labour to his nation's declaration of war on Serbia, which had a domino effect.