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1 Million in Rupees & 1 Billion in Rupess – Lakhs & Crores (Picture Guide) . Whenever you want to calculate Rupees equivalent to 1 Billion USD just multiply . 1 million is equivalent to 10 lakhs and lakhs is equal to 1 crore. 1,, INR is equal to 14, USD @ Indian rupees to 1 US dollar. 1,, Similarly, Rs 20 Cr = € 4 million Please note we are dividing Rs Crores (in Inherent within this is the unstated equation which says 1 million = Crore.

1 million or billion USD equals to how much in INR (Indian Rupees), BDT ( Bangladesh Taka), PKR (Pakistan Rupees), LKR (Sri Lanka Rupees) & in other World. Conversion of Lakhs and Crores to Millions and Billions, monetary converter, 40 = USD 1 million (assuming the Dollar Rupee Spot rate to be Rs. 40/$ Crores ) in converting these amounts into equivalent Million Dollars. US System for counting fortune is quite different from ours. They Count it as = 1 Thousand Thousand x =1 Million 1 Million x =1.

The Indian numbering system is used in the Indian subcontinent and in Burma. The terms lakh For example, in India , rupees becomes lakh rupees , written as ₹1,50, or INR 1,50,, while Pakistan, following former British usage, the long scale was used, with one billion equivalent to one million million. 1 Billion Is Equal To. Source(s): watermarkrestaurantgananoque.com 1 Million In Rupees. Source( s): 1 billion = million = cr is this correct. Rajavel · 4. It is rupees(Rs)/doller($)convertor to million,Thousands, Hundreds, Lakh or Crore ,. convert million to crores, convert million to lakhs, convert million to rupee, convert million to is equal to How many million dollars is crore rupees?.