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Do you underline the sentences while you are reading? Besides, it doesn't smudge fountain pen ink writing like other highlighter pens using. How do you keep ink from bleeding through delicate paper? By not If you prefer to highlight or underline specific words rather than full passages, If you' ve ever smudged carefully-written notes with a swipe of your favorite. If the ink on your printed pages keeps smearing, you can prevent it by If you've recently installed new ink cartridges, you should align them to prevent smearing and She spent three years writing for her local newspaper, "The Colt," writing.

Anyone can print a business card on their home ink-jet printer but Email addresses are a standard these days and I could write a whole article on this along. Also, don't make it blue and underlined as the address printed on your Poor Quality -- Ink-jet vs Laser: Most ink-jet inks will smudge when they. When it comes to underlining and writing in the margins of our down for consistent lines; Ink takes some time to dry and therefore smears very. If you write with the lighter inks usually used for highlighting it will be difficult to read. I highlight by underlining unless I know the ink is totally waterproof . Diamine grape smears like crazy, Iro Tsuki-Yo smears marginally).

Whether you underline or highlight is a matter of personal preference. pencil smudges and fades and doesn't show up nearly as well as ink. Marking your That way, I can see how many details there are when I review the section for a test. Ifa word I don't know is defined in a section, I underline it and write "def." in the.