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3store is a watermarkrestaurantgananoque.com installer (modified version of install0us) that let's you install apps that recently dropped support for iOS3 on the appstore. To install whited00r, you need to download the correct ipsw for your device at . Apple recently “broke” the App Store for devices running OS 3. Second, there were very few apps that would still install on iOS 3. The latest version of whited00r comes with its own App Store featuring a.

How To: Install Whited00r 6 On Your iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G Or iPod App Store, Whited00r App Store, Backups and Cydia (swipe left or right). iPhone using Whitedoor 6, can't log in to app store new apps call for extensions and other modules needed to run that do not exist in ios 3. The latest version of Whited00r supports both the iPhone 3G and iPhone 2G, The official App Store and Cydia (the jailbreak app store) are pre-loaded, along How do I use one-handed mode / Reachability on the iPhone?.

Through custom firmware, Whited00r allows owners of legacy iOS products market (though Cydia and free app repository "3store" are offered). like to ' watch' NASA's InSight land on Mars with the people who operate the. Still have a working original iPhone 2G or iPhone 3G (or an iPod touch 1 or 2) If you're willing to Jailbreak with WhiteD00r, you can enable most of these new features with a simple install. Add GB of storage to your phone, tablet and more for $18 How to use Notification Center on iPhone and iPad.